The sublime and abounding in vegetation Pierian Mountains, their highest summits being the “Phlambouro” (as high as 2.190 m.) and their crystal clear water springs, the mountains that used to be the dwelling of the “Pierian Muses”, will also cater for tourism and sightseeing.

The shores of Pieria are of unique beauty. They stretch along an area of as long as 70 km from the Valley of Tempi and Platamonas to Aeginio and the estuary of the river Aliakmon. A broadly expanded sandy beach, which is interrupted, at places, by groves and pine – trees forests and a blue, crystal clear sea cater for unprecedented wonderful holidays . Organized beaches , Camping and open beaches at Olympic Rivera , Platamonas , Scotina , Leptocarya , at Plaka cater for one’s enjoying the limpid sea , the bright Greek sky at the beach , the cool sea breeze or a luncheon of fresh fish of the Aegean and delicious fruit of Pieria .

With one of the region’s large inhabited centers as a base for one’s setting out on excursions , an acquaintance with the whole region can be made.

Katerini the capital of the region caters for facilitation of all sorts, such as : banks , post office , telecommunications center , car repairing stations, chemists , medical laboratories etc. The city is newly built, being a small town until 1912. Today , Katerini is being developed rapidly as it is located in the center of the fertile plain of Pieria.

Also the ascent of Mount Olympus , the dwelling of Olympic Gods , offers inexpressible experiences , exulting man’s spirit in his direct approaching being a sublime , divinely beautiful , harsh and impressively majestic place . After all it was not accidentally and coincidentally selected by ancient Greeks as their Gods dwelling .